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Air Block

  • Material: PVC and drop stitch
  • Size: 1x0.6x0.2m(3.3ftx2ftx0.7ft)
  • Product name: Inflatable Tumble Track
  • Brand: Customized
  • Product description: The Rainbow AirBlock offers a bigger bounce than the old fashioned springboard and the AirBoard. This light weight air product can be used in many different ways!

As part of your home training equipment, to compliment your airTrakpro, our Air block is a perfect aid as a spring board onto your larger Air track.

Or can be used separately as a soft take off aid preventing wrist or ankle strain as well as soft safe landing.

Small lightweight can be easily carried around the house, gym or club

Air Board(0.6 x 1 x 0.1 m)
The AirBoard can be used as a springboard and is light-weight, easy to set-up and reposition.Create various training set-ups in and around the house. Tip: use your mattress as a landing mat!
Air Block (0.6 x 1 x 0.2 m)
The light-weight Air Block is even bouncier than the Air Board and softer on the body. More Fun,Less Injuries!

Using a foot pump, you can inflate it anytime, anywhere. Use it in your gym, your garden, at the beach or in the water!

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