Snow Tube

  • Artificial Dry Slope Summer Tubing
  • Artificial Dry Slope Summer Tubing
  • Artificial Dry Slope Summer Tubing
  • Artificial Dry Slope Summer Tubing
Artificial Dry Slope Summer TubingArtificial Dry Slope Summer TubingArtificial Dry Slope Summer TubingArtificial Dry Slope Summer Tubing

Artificial Dry Slope Summer Tubing

  • Snow Ski Tube
  • Size: 42''
  • Material:HDPE plastic bottoms
  • Certificate CE, SGS
  • Product description: With our snow tubes rigid plastic cover bottoms, Gaptoy tubes slide great on all manufactured dry slope and summer tubing surfaces. Uur HDPE plastic insert bottom will slide quicker&less heat.

Snow Tube Sled with 48" Heavy Duty Cover

  • Cover measures 48" deflated - total inflated diameter: 42"
  • 600 denier polyester canvas top

  • Includes heavy duty slick industrial vinyl bottom with anti-friction technology. 425lb tensile strength
  • 2 sewn-in handles; patent pending sewn-in tow loop and strap secures tube and cover.Not intended for towing behind a motorized vehicle

Since most dry slope surfaces are being manufactured out of various plastic brush or carpet/bristled materials developed for synthetic snow sports, our standard hard bottom snow tube slides exceptionally well on these plastic hill surfaces, mimicking the speed of natural ice and snow runs. Artificial Ski and Tubing slopes or "dry slopes" mimic the attributes of snow using materials that are stable under fluctuating temperatures, enabling people to ski and tube with performance similar to winter conditions. The term "dry slopes" is used but can be misleading as many slopes are lubricated using a mist or water jet system to increase speed and prevent damage to equipment from friction heat build-up.

  • COMMERCIAL GRADE BOTTOM - This snowtube has a solid polyethylene bottom. Unlike many of the other snow tubes that have either a fabric bottom or no cover at all, this rigid plastic bottom is super durable and super slick. Gives you all the benefits of a plastic saucer, with the comfort of an innertube.
  • WARNING HIGH SPEEDS - Because of the super slick bottom of this tubes, speeds in excess of 30MPH are possible. Make sure there is plenty of run out at the bottom of the hill and be extremely careful with young kids.
  • COMFORTABLE - With the inner tube fully inflated, you will feel like you are riding on a cloud down the hill. Get all the speed of a toboggan and all the comfort of bouncing on a marshmallow
  • TOWABLE - With a 500D cordura top, this tube will last you a long time. We have 2 grab handles to hold onto going down the mount and a double stitched tow line that can be removed if desired. Please be careful if towing, as you can run into the back of the vehicle if the stopped quickly or can be more easily thrown off the tube resulting in injury.
  • 3 Year Warranty - While we would love to say that NOTHING will ever happen, we realize sometimes things just aren't right. What makes us different though is that we stand behind our products. So if you have any issue, contact us and we will make it right.

Super Slick Hard Bottom

Quit buying new snow tubes every year because they rip or get a hole in them. The WindRider snow tube will last years with its hard bottom and rubber inflatable tube.

Beyond the long life - the plast bottom gives you the fastest speeds

Large Hand Holds

When you are flying down the hill, you want something to hold onto. With extremely strong hand holds that are large enough for even the thickest of mittens, you will feel safe as you race to see who can get the furthest.

Pull Strap with Handle

Easily get the tube back up the hill with the tow handle.

No one wants to carry a sled up the hill, so we make it easier by providing an easy to use tow handle. With a large rubber ring that is easy to pick up even with gloves or mittens on.