Inflatable Boat

  • Inflatable water Bike
  • Inflatable water Bike
  • Inflatable water Bike
Inflatable water BikeInflatable water BikeInflatable water Bike

Inflatable water Bike

  • Floating Bike Rental
  • Water inflatable bicycle water bike Inflatable Bouncers
  • Use:water sports,fitness,fun,rental
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Our water bikes are built for fun, fitness, rentals

High performance & heavy duty salt and freshwater inflatable sport tender boat.

The water peal bike are with two sided floating pontoon tubes.If you're looking for the buoys for your bike replacement, please click here.


1. Patented technology and the advanced ergonomic design.

2. Low carbon, environmentally friendly, and no pollution.

3. Stable, durable and comfortable, good for against the winds and waves.

4 Good corrosion resistance and all parts are made of the Aluminum and Stainless steel

5 Anyone can easy to ride, install, transportation and storage

6 suitable place; beach, water park, water playground and river.

7. Good idea for entertainment, workout when you are free