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Packraft KayakPackraft KayakPackraft KayakPackraft KayakPackraft Kayak

Packraft Kayak

  • Hull Material: TPU
  • Accessories: oar,backpack,repair kit
  • Advantage: light,Fast inflation
  • 1 person or 2 persons
  • Product description: Ultralight Inflatable Rafting Dinghy‎ with High performance and bombproof for fishing,camping. Easy to inflate,portable and stable, easy-to-paddle boat.You can carry it in a backpack.

Packraft rudder fishing hunting inflatable boat

Outdoor White Water and Still Water Back Packrafts

Good Quality Inflatable Packrafting Kayak Canoe

2 persons inflatable hiking packrafts for sale

Packraft and trail boat are colloquial terms for a small, portable inflatable boat designed for use in all bodies of water, including technical whitewater and ocean bays and fjords. A packraft is designed to be light enough to be carried for extended distances. Along with its propulsion system (collapsible paddles or lightweight oars) and safety equipment , clothing) the entire package is designed to be light and compact enough for an individual to negotiate rough terrain while carrying the rafting equipment together with supplies, shelter, and other survival or backcountry equipment. Modern packrafts vary from inexpensive vinyl boats lacking durability to sturdy craft costing over US $1,000. Most weigh less than nine pounds (4 kg) and usually carry a single passenger. The most popular propulsion systems involve a kayak paddle that breaks down into two to five pieces. Most often they are paddled from a sitting position, although kneeling can be advantageous in some situations.

Mint Green Fisherman Back Pack Rafting Boat

1 person inflatable fishing packraft tender

China Gaptoy-Inflatable Packrafting Kayak Supplier

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Pink Inflatable Drifting Packraft Dinghy Kayak

Packed and shipped to you by sea!

High performance, ultralight, and bombproof.

China Packraft Boat for Fishing

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