Belly Boat

  • Inflatable belly boat
  • Inflatable belly boat
  • Inflatable belly boat
Inflatable belly boat Inflatable belly boat Inflatable belly boat

Inflatable belly boat

  • Material: 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin
  • Fabric seat
  • Two tube bags
  • Foot Pump & Carrying Bag
  • Product description: Float tube for fishing丨Kick Boat丨Belly Boat丨1 Person Inflatable Boat
PVC body shape, extra-strong and 1000D polyster fabric seat
V shape, stable, comfortable, handy and fast
Adjustable and comfortable belts to be effortlessly brung on back
Aluminum tube for rigidity and increased security
Huge size pockets: On every sidse and on the back
Front scale for fish measurement
Security valves, quick inflation (in and out)
Delivered with foot pump and repair kit
Additionnal metal rings to fix extra tools

Rod holder by velcro on both sides + front

Inflatable boat can be dismantled to save and quickly used in emergency. Can avoid capsizing by the inflatable tube at the edge of the boat. High impact resistance, simple maintenance, and less maintenance work. Inflatable keel make the boat have enough rigidity, the boat have several independent chambers, other chamber can still work if one chamber was broken. Moreover, it's fast and fuel-efficient due to the light weight.

Inflatable boats, sport boats, fishing boats
Cold bonding, five years hull fabric warranty, three years seams warranty
0.9mm PVC
Chamber: 2+1
Net weight: 10kgs

A float tube, also known as a belly boat or kick boat, is a small, lightweight inflatable fishing craft which anglers use to fish from. They were originally doughnut-shaped boats with an underwater seat in the "hole", but modern designs include a V-shape with pontoons on either side and the seat raised above the water allowing the legs of the angler to be the only part of his body to be submerged. Float tubes are used for many aspects of fishing, such as flyfishing for trout or lure fishing for largemouth bass, and enable the angler to fish areas otherwise not fishable from the bank.

Float tubes are either "U", "V"-shaped, or circular. A standard float tube consists of an inflated bladder inside a sewn cover providing the seat, reserve air compartments, and tackle storage pockets. Many float tube anglers customize their crafts with rod holders, lights, and electronic fish finders.

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