Inflatable Float

  • Ocean Yacht floating pool
  • Ocean Yacht floating pool
  • Ocean Yacht floating pool
Ocean Yacht floating poolOcean Yacht floating poolOcean Yacht floating pool

Ocean Yacht floating pool

  • Thickness: 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 30cm
  • Material: PVC and drop stitch
  • Color: Customized
  • Water Board
  • Product description: 5x5 meter Inflatable Sea Pool for yacht,Floating inflatable water pool for swimming.The perfect accessory for throwing a yacht party in the high seas – An inflatable sea pool

Ocean floating pool/Swimming Pool

Ocean floating pool

Sea Yacht Swimming Pool

A portable floating pool with an 8' (2,4 m) deep mesh enclosure designed to keep out even the smallest jellyfish and unwanted sea life.

With space to lounge on the deck and swim in peace, the Ocean Pool quickly becomes the focal point of any yacht. Add Aquaglide accessories to the outside edges of the pool using Vario-Lock cinch strap attachment system. It can be anchored on its own or used off the back of a yacht.

Floating Ocean Yacht Pool

 Inflatable Floating Ocean Pool from River to Ocean Adventures

For material  ,it use Drop Stitch material ( double wall fabric )with hot air welding .So the side can be very flat and smooth ,People can have a rest one the side .And swimmer can play in a safe and security area . It will be very good for kids and adults .

Size can be customized as client need .
Accessories: strong transport bag , pump ,

Turn that secluded cove of the lake into your own personal pool party with the Ocean Pool from Gaptoy. This portable floating pool is outfitted with a  8' deep mesh net enclosure, that is capable of keeping out the smallest jellyfish and other unwanted sea life. With space to sunbathe on the deck and plenty of room to swim, the Ocean Pool is a fan favorite! Additional Gaptoy swim platforms and rafts can be attached to the Ocean Pool using the Vario-Lock cinch strap system to create your own custom Aquapark. Anchor on its own, or simply attach the Ocean Pool to a larger boat for countless hours of aquatic fun.

Fun Inflatable Sea Pool for Your Superyacht

Inflatable Sea Pool