• Meatfly SUP/Paddleboard
  • Meatfly SUP/Paddleboard
  • Meatfly SUP/Paddleboard
Meatfly SUP/PaddleboardMeatfly SUP/PaddleboardMeatfly SUP/Paddleboard

Meatfly SUP/Paddleboard

  • Name: Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board
  • Material: Drop Stitch & pvc
  • Length: 9'6''-12'6''(customized)
  • Max pressure: 25PSI
  • Product description: Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 丨 Inflatable SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Boards 丨Inflatable/Blow Up Paddle Boards 丨Meatfly SUP

Meatfly-SUP-Paddleboard surfing inflatable sup board

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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board made by China Gaptoy

♦ Main Features:

1. DWF inner tube.
2. Laminated PVC outside.
3. Anti-skid EVA foam veneer.
4. All around protective strake.
5. High pressure screw valve
6. Detachable special skeg: keeps surfboard headed on its intended course
7. Pressure range: up to 15-30 psi
8. Possible for various types of graphics and logos to be printed on the surfboard
9. Usable thickness of drop stitch fabric: 4 inches and 6 inches
10. Can be used in many ways: paddling, kayaking, exploring, and wave surfing

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Known as one of the oldest and most resilient oceanic creatures on earth, the sea turtle is a symbol that has long represented endurance, determination and longevity. Upgraded with a geometric turtle shell pattern, this inflatable   SUP board will have you coasting the tropics like a touring tortuga on a mission.

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♦ Popular size:

Length Width Thickness Weight Volume Max loading Max pressure
9.6' 29" 4" 12kg +/-150 140kgs 25PSI
10.5' 30" 5" 13kg +/-185 150kgs 25PSI
11.5' 31" 6" 14kg +/-240 160kgs 25PSI
12.6' 31" 6" 15kg +/-265 170kgs 25PSI

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